Our Approach

We use an analytical and research-driven approach in the construction of our portfolios.

Investment Philosophy

We invest with high conviction, adhering to proven and repeatable investment strategies, always managed in the client’s best interests.

Investment Strategy – Fixed Income

The Fixed Income Market offers several attractive investment opportunities, which we endeavour to capture with a rigorous but flexible investment process.

Investment Approach

Our process is a “Top-Down/Bottom-Up” approach. A Top-Down perspective applies to Duration and Credit, whereas a Bottom-Up perspective applies to Curve Positioning and Individual Security Selection. Active management of our fixed income portfolios helps to enhance returns and can potentially lead to outperformance of mandate investing strategy.

Portfolio Monitoring Strategy

Four components that we monitor in terms of criticality to risk and return performance on our fixed income portfolio are:

  • Duration
  • Credit
  • Individual Security Selection
  • Curve Positioning
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Investment Strategy – Equity

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Investment Process

Our investment style has strict investment guidelines that ensure that we contain portfolio risk within specified levels and run a diversified portfolio to deliver consistent risk-adjusted returns to our clients. We believe that our approach to investing can generate consistent investment returns over the long term.

Investee Companies

We seek to invest in companies, in our view, that have sustainability of business growth and are trading at a substantial discount to their true business (intrinsic) value. We believe that, over time, the price of a stock could rise to reflect the value of the underlying company. As such, we are patient investors and not market timers.

Asset Valuation

Our investment decision-making is process-driven and starts with a business assessment, the size of the opportunity, and the future potential. Key inputs in the decision-making process are financial projections over the medium to long term.

Risk Management

We apply proactive risk management

Highly disciplined risk management is essential to our entire investment process. In addition to calculating and tracking traditional industry-wide measures of portfolio risk and risk efficiency, the nature of our investments dictates a customized risk management approach.

We stress-test our portfolios

Our integrated risk management process gives us insight into the sources of portfolio risk and identifies the risk-based factors that ultimately drive performance.

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