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Pension & Provident Fund Management

Sentinel Asset Management Limited (SAML) is a registered pension fund manager with the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA) and provides fund management services for the Tier 2 and Tier 3 pension schemes. Our investment team consists of experts with several years of local and international experience who have an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory and technical requirements and have a proven track record of generating competitive returns whiles strictly adhering to industry regulations.

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Institutional & Private Wealth Management

Our diverse team of experienced fund managers and investment professionals enables us to manage a wide range of investment portfolios. We utilize a disciplined, consistent, and thorough research-based approach to identifying unique investment opportunities to help our institutional and high-net-worth clients achieve their investment objectives. We seek to understand the basic needs of such clients so that we can design a bespoke portfolio that is optimized to meet their specific investment needs. The combination of our deep understanding of local markets with global market insights allows our clients to achieve competitive returns.

Collective Investment Schemes

Our Collective Investment Schemes allows both our retail and institutional clients to invest across multiple asset classes, geographic areas and investment goals. Our clients pooling their funds enables them benefit from economies of scale and gives them access to assets and markets that they would not ordinarily be able to access on their own.

We combine our solid research with a strategic asset allocation approach across a range of asset classes, the product of which are well-diversified portfolios delivering strong long-term risk adjusted returns.

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